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Gucci Mane Addresses Claims That He Has Been Cloned

Gucci Mane Addresses Claims That He Has Been Cloned
I'm hearing that gucci is a clone, I will neither support or deny those accusations.Gucci Mane answers to clone accusations . gucci1017 responds to accusations of being called a clone.There has been rumors going around that Gucci Mane was cloned. 

Alot of accusations were made after people couldn’t see the famous ice cream tattoo he has, which by the way is still there. It’s just super light. Gucci now responds to the clone rumors. This accusation is pretty crazy if you ask me. 

Gucci is not a supporter of the accusations because they are completely false. Gucci Mane and his girl are my relationship goals .

 Gucci Mane was finally released from prison late last month, and spent his first night out over the weekend with a performance at Mansion Elan. Now he’s gearing up for his own headlining show!

La Flare will celebrate his freedom at “Gucci Mane & Friends” on July 22, going down at the Fox Theatre in his hometown of ATL. No acts have been announced, but you know Gucci‘s well connected, so this should be good! 

he impact of Gucci Mane would be a travesty of the highest order. Born Radric Davis, the Alabama born-ATL representative has done more in a decade than many artists accomplish in an entire career. He’s released an endless stream of new material, discovered and cultivated talent and kept rap fans entertained with his random acts of stunting and his charming, albeit goonish ways. Making his first big splash with his 2005 Jeezy-assisted single, “Icy,” Gucci quickly caught on with rap fans below the Mason-Dixon line, solidifying his standing as one of the regions most promising newcomers with his debut album, Trap House.

But just when things were looking rosy for Mr. La Flare, bad business dealings and a murder rap, allegedly due to beef with former costar-turned-rival Jeezy, threw Gucci’s momentum off pace. However, after being exonerated on the murder charge, the rapper’s street cred would rise to astronomical levels. Plus his appeal with fans outside of the south, who soon got privy to the stylings of Gucci, would further establish him as one of the most popular mouth-pieces in hip-hop.

Despite all of Gucci Mane’s success, controversy and prison sentences have kept him from fully capitalizing on his growing fanfare. One of the most prolific rappers in terms of output, Guwop has churned out more material from behind the wall than many of your favorite rappers that live in the studio could even fathom, which has ke

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