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We Just Received An URGENT Update For Everyone Who's Praying For Lamar Odom...

Khloe Kardashian filed for a divorce from Odom all the way back in 2013...But it turns out that the NBA star and the reality TV heroine are still legally married!

Not surprisingly, there's a backlog in the family court, and their papers haven't been filed yet.

Their marriage will remain valid for at least another two months!
That means Khloe has the legal power to make medical decisions about Odom's care..

Sources close to the family say that Khloe has already made a few key decisions on Odom's behalf.Khloe arrived at the hospital a few hours after Odom was admitted.There's no telling what she's been instructing to doctors to do, exactly.

But it's clear that she has Odom's best interests at heart.
"I will never ever not love Lamar," she told E! News. Let's hope he recovers quickly.

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